In 1976, Edouard LaBonte and Micha Boudreault joined forces and started to organize French musical tours of schools across Canada.The excellent reception by the school environment showed the need for this type of cultural and pedagogical activity.

In 1980 Edouard & Micha Inc. was founded.

Their experience in creating songs along with accompanying learning materials had already prepared them to produce a French multidisciplinary musical and pedagogical kit for the Elementary school level. This kit, called CHANTONS AVEC EDOUARD & MICHA, contained only new original songs thus adding to their repertoire and creating a new educational show for their tours.

In 1984, continuing their pedagogical work, they produced a new musical learning kit, EN COMPAGNIE D'EDOUARD & MICHA, which contains the album REFLEXION for Intermediate level students.

Due to popular demand, a new production, CREONS AVEC EDOUARD & MICHA, followed; adding more original French songs for the Elementary schools.

Since 1976, Edouard & Micha have performed for more than a million students.

In addition to all the original songs used in their tours, Edouard & Micha have also composed 30 songs for the Dimoitou 3 series published by Le Centre Educatif et Culturel from Montreal.

In 1996, a CD-ROM project is in line with their adaptation to new technologies creating new possibilities and new needs. The song Roll,Roll, Stop! serves as the basis for the CD-ROM content. The product is offered in three versions: English,French and Spanish. Edouard LaBonte and Micha Boudreault, owners of Edouard & Micha Inc., are the authors of the song and performers of the different versions. Edouard LaBonte wrote the scenario. The studio production of the animated scenes was created by Multimax.


Creating and producing songs and didactic material:

Edouard LaBonte and Micha Boudreault are the authors,composers and performers of all the songs of the albums mentioned above.These are original songs for which the themes are chosen according to the interests of the children concerned. Lively modern themes, very visual, conducive to the active participation of the children and easily usable in multimedia productions.

Show tours:

The songs from their albums form a rich repertoire for the tours.The two artists accompany themselves with various musical instruments and are using modern hi-tech equipment. Their love of children, their comprehension, sense of humour and ability to create interactivity encourages enthusiastic and spontaneous participation.Teachers' and parents' interest add to the students' appreciation and is in itself good references and effective publicity.


Edouard & Micha Inc. has always kept a global control of its activities. The two shareholders Edouard LaBonte and Micha Boudreault assume all management duties and decision taking. All projects are self financed. Modern computerization with personalized software ensures efficiency: data base for a broad market, accounting, music, graphics etc. Competent bilingual employees look after secretarial work and sales in different locations. Good bank relations, accounts payable and receivables kept to date are a garantee for the good functioning of the company.



Since Micha's passing away May 5th '2005 Édouard has remained active giving presenations in schools under the name ÉDOUARD.