The Hare the painter-artist


He was very cool


A genious no fool

said all animals


Once upon a time

A hare painter artist

Painted in the forest

Scenes you couldn't resist

Two holes in his hat

Adjusted for long ears

Easy to distract

Professional with gear.


An easel set in brush

A palette and paintbrush

He Created with taste

The animals portraits


Madamme dragonfly

Modeled going bye

Satin wings streched out

An aquarelle results.


He worked with lots of ease

Oil paints in control

But drawings that most pleased

Were those made of charcoal.


A fox was so impressed

Asked what the cost would be

To make him a rough sketch

Of his beloved cheri


A peacock by a brook

Inspired a nice scene

The birds majestic look

Reflected in the stream


He drew a giant giraffe

Using some gouache

And was very surprised

To win the first prize