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For the last 35 years, Edouard presented French educational shows for elementary and junior high students across Canada, coast too coast, sea too sea.

Edouard is pleased to inform you that starting September 2018, he is offering a new presentation option: AmiÉdouArt, which involves learning activities (free of charge) for the primary, junior and intermediate FSL students. The activities are based on French learning material productions, created and produced by Edouard & Micha Inc that was subsidized by the Ministry of Education. The interactive song themes inspire multidisciplinary and interactive activities. Teachers can integrate these activities to their regular teaching schedule for the day.

From the website, teachers and students are encouraged to explore the proposed multidisciplinary themes and their related activities in preparation for the AmiÉdouArt  event.

You will find the virtual music (payable) associated to AmiÉdouArt:

Virtual Music (payable):

Édouard offers you two options for La journée AmiÉdouArt:

Option 1. Édouard spends a day in the school participating in workshops with the interested teachers and their students, and presents a French interactive Musical show for all the school student population.

Edouard’s primary interest, for this French day, is to help the students develop listening and interaction skills in real time, giving them the opportunity to listen, discuss on the selected school subjects (themes) and the activities that the students have prepared, as well as rehearse song choruses with the students in preparation for the musical performance. All this will be done with an emphasis on an oral French dialogue with the students, at their understanding level. Bilingual dialogue is also possible.

For the older students that would be interested, Edouard also offers a short motivation session, in French or in English.

Fee (for this option): $895 (taxes not applicable)

Option 2.  For this option, the teachers and students are asked to prepare the activities on their own and Edouard is only present for the presentation(s).

Fee (for this option):

One show: $495 (taxes not applicable)

Two Shows (consecutive): $695 (taxes not applicable)

Go to the detailed document about the shows:

Edouard was encouraged to offer this project following the requests made by school principals, teachers and parents.

The new website is intended to be electronically friendly for teachers and students.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiries regarding this proposal.


Édouard Labonté

450 227-8382

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