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French Presentations
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Presentations offered
  • Chantons avec Edouard (grades JK – 3)
  • En compagnie d’Édouard (grades 4 – 6)
  • Multilevel option
Fees One Presentation ………………………………… $495.00$

Two Presentations (consecutive same room) ………. $795.00$

(Taxes not applicable)

Number of students to be included per session 250 ±
Presentation time 45 minutes
Format Assembly
gymnasium, large room with no chairs or mats (students sit on floor)
Technical requirements One regular power outlet
Description of Presentations The individual French interactive musical Presentations are composed of original songs . Edouard sings, plays the bass guitar and percussion instruments and is accompanied by synthesyzers. He has an excellent cordless sound system complemented by many visual props.
The show themes are inspired in part by the learning kits
‹ Chantons avec Édouard & Micha ›
‹ En compagnie d’Édouard & Micha ›
‹ Créons avec Édouard & Micha ›
The shows have been modified and enhanced during the 32 years of enriching presentation experiences throughout Canada. They are given in French for students with a good knowledge of French and become bilingual for FSL groups.
Each show consists of approximately 12 songs.
The following themes/activities are available (free of charge) :
The songs can be purchased at

Younger audiences :
« Ritournelle d’automne » « Premier matin d’hiver »
((phenomena of the physical environment)
« Frappe le temps »
(musical instrument recognition with hands on rhytmics)
« Sur un rythme aérobique »
(group physical education conveying one’s feelings or intentions)
« Bonhomme Carnaval » (French Canadian custom)
« Fantorock » (appeal to the imagination and the senses)
« Souvenance indienne » (First Nations’ traditions and habitats)Older audiences :
« Le Gardien d’but » (a girl plays the role of a goal tender)
« Salut » (multicultural)
« Les nombres mécaniques » (fun with mathematical skills)
« Ça va très bien » (Reggae beat song with daily use French vocabulary)
« De l’Est à l’Ouest » (a view of Canada in all its aspects)
« Micro Alphonse » (the automation of the human being)
French is constantly present during the shows, attention being given as need arises
pronunciation of French words
placing the accent on the right syllables noting differences with English
correct intonations using phrases from the songs presented
French vocabulary (during the presentation as well as in the preparation and follow-up by the teachers)
Outcomes expected for the participants – Enhancement of the learning of French through a cultural and fun learning experience

– Getting acquainted with different skills and meeting other educational needs through integration with the French: physical exercise, creativity and improvisation, different customs, good nutrition, instrument playing, singing, acting, etc. are all part of the learning experience as the themes of the songs are developed.

Evidence that outcomes were achieved Outcomes are evident as achieved in different ways during the presentation
– Voluntary and individual creative participation in gymnastics, dance improvisations, firm percussion, instrument playing, singing and gestures- Students with special needs are discretely favored to come up front and participate in activities (with their teacher if required)

– Creative individual and group activities are performed

– Individuals with a particular talent or interest voluntarily use their ability in the activities suggested by the themes

– Students collectively repeat French words placing the accents on proper syllables and are made aware of the similarity of words with the English language

– The musical performance with all the interactive themes result in a high level of student interest and motivation

– Crowd control is evident as the students are eager to go back to their designated places after each group activity

– Staff are visibly satisfied with the outcomes.

Strategies employed to meet the expectations in the presentations Pre-presentation activity : Song video preps on my web site: https://www.edmicha.com

Audience participation : each song (educational theme) is supported with visual props and accompanied by acting and student participation as the themes suggest (for example , with the song Frappe le temps some musical instruments are used by the students)

Post- presentation activity:

Activities available from the web site www.edmicha.com (free of charge) can be used as a follow-up to the shows as well.

I have successfully toured Canada for the past 35 years, using mainly a word of mouth referral system that is for me expedient and economical, thus allowing me to offer an acceptable Presentation cost. This system has also allowed me, with time, to be on the list of presenters of various Canadian provinces.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Édouard Labonté
182, Chemin Mont Maribou
St-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R7
Tél. 450 227-8382

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